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The owner, Ken Grau, got his start in video production working as a camera operator for Penn State Football and Basketball behind the scenes sports documentaries. After graduation, he moved to Tampa with his future wife where he worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning as an editor, and camera operator for 3 seasons during which the team had runs deep into the NHL playoffs. Following his time in Tampa, he returned to Penn State University to be a producer/director for the Penn State Football sports documentary “Unrivaled.” After spending 7 years in sports production, Ken decided to found Bulldog Production House LLC in State College, Pa. where he plans to start a family with his wife, Kaitlin.


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On set in Rothrock State Forest.

On set in Rothrock State Forest.


Ken Grau

Ken Grau has over 7 years of experience in video production including time spent with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and both the Penn State Nittany Lion’s Football and Men’s Basketball teams. His skills in videography, editing, producing and directing have brought both the Lightning and the Nittany Lions recognition at a national level for their in-game, broadcast and social media content. This includes the lightning being ranked #1 for in-game fan experience by ESPN, Penn State Football and Basketball receiving 6 regional Emmy nominations, and most recently as a finalist at SVG College for most outstanding sports documentary.


Jorge scoping out his next shot in Rothrock State Forest.

Jorge scoping out his next shot in Rothrock State Forest.

Cinematographer/editor/graphic design

Jorge Jovel

Jorge Jovel is an Art Director/DP who was born in Honduras and raised in the Bronx. He has experience working with top brands and talent including, Karlie Kloss, Adidas, Sheetz, Mtn. Dew, and many more. He is a licensed drone pilot and has no fear when it comes to getting any shot. Prior to working in video production, Jorge was a professional BMX rider and competed at the highest level, including at the X-Games. Jorge also works in State College, PA and runs Black Sheep Media House which has taken him all over the world for filming.


Cody reviewing footage on set.

Cody reviewing footage on set.


Cody Stauder

Originally from a small town in Pennsylvania, Cody began his journey in 2010 after graduating with a AA in Digital Media from FIDM (LA). His professional career took off when he accepted a full-time film making position at Woodward Films (PA) in 2010. During his 4 year run at Woodward, Cody was offered a full-time position with Nitro Circus as a Cinematographer and Editor. 5 years later and Cody continues to work full-time for Nitro Circus as well as runs his own production company called Cinegrade, tailoring to high end music videos, commercials, and creative story telling.